Table 3

Unforced principal axis factoring (PAF) with varimax orthogonal rotation with Kaiser normalization

Dimensions and itemsFactorCommunalities
Psychological distress
6.Do you lose your temper if people keep on at you about sugar testing or diet? 0 .523 0.250−0.0330.11500.31
8.Are there more arguments or upsets at home than there would be if you did not have diabetes? 0 .617 0.0070.187−0.0180.42
15.Because of your diabetes, do you get depressed? 0 .427 0.2720.1710.4160.48
16.Does your diabetes cause you to lose your temper or shout? 0 .819 0.1330.0420.1810.73
17.Do you get touchy or moody about diabetes? 0 .779 0.1600.0850.2830.72
18.Do you find yourself losing your temper over small things? 0 .728 0.2120.1080.1090.60
Barriers to activity
1.Does food control your life?0.0600.177 0 .699 0.0060.53
2.Does having diabetes mean it is difficult staying out late?0.157−0.043 0 .536 0.1800.34
3.Does having diabetes mean your days are tied to meal times?0.024−0.070 0 .750 0.1720.60
4.Do you avoid going out if your sugar is on the low side?0.089−0.0930.2690.3000.19
11.Because of your diabetes, do you worry about getting colds orinfluenza?0.088−0.0630.365 0 .432 0.31
13.Do you find it frightening or worrying going into busy or crowded shops?0.1100.2270.015 0 .551 0.37
14.Do you get edgy when out and there is nowhere to eat?0.2010.1390.210 0 .423 0.28
Disinhibited eating
5.Do you have problems keeping to your diet because you eat to cheer yourself up?0.135 0 .741 0.0110.1410.61
7.Do you have problems keeping to your diet because you find it hard to say no to food you like?0.116 0 .714 −0.0020.0280.54
9.When you start eating, how easy do you find it to stop?−0.115−0.6110.056−0.0080.40
10.How likely are you to eat something extra when you feel bored or fed up?0.156 0 .704 −0.059−0.0560.53
12.Do you wish there were not so many nice things to eat?0.108 0 .547 0.1070.0990.36
  • Values higher than 0.4 in boldface.