Table 1

Sociodemographic and clinical data of included patients (n=288)

Age, mean (SD), years44.8 (13.3)
Age range (min-max)18–80
Civil status (n=) (missing, n=1)
Educational level (n=)
 Lower education157
 Higher education131
Employment (n=) (missing, n=1)
 Not working85
Smoking (yes) (missing, n=2)68
Diabetes duration, mean (SD)23.0 (13.3)
Diabetes duration, range (min-max)0–63
Insulin pump users (n=)112
BMI, mean (SD)26.7 (4.6)
Diabetes complications (n=)
Comorbidity mr_and sr_ yes (n=)177
Plasma glucose*, mean (SD) (missing, n=2)9.86 (4.7)
HbA1C, mean (SD) (missing, n=2)8.16% (1.2)
66 mmol/mol
  • Figures presented as n= if not otherwise noted, lower education, =<university/college; higher education, college or university; plasma glucose=not fasting,

  • BMI, body mass index; mr, medical records; sr, self-reported.