Table 2

Characteristics of 168 young Japanese women in the presence and absence of postload low glycemia (≤70 mg/dL)

Postload low glycemiaP value
(n=129) (n=39)
Age (year)20.4±1.020.3±1.10.605
Height (cm)161.4±6.3162.0±7.30.561
Weight (kg)54.4±7.954.1±9.10.832
Body mass index (kg/m2)20.9±2.520.5±2.20.396
Fat mass index (kg/m2)5.49±1.814.97±1.420.092
Percentage body fat (%)26.2±6.324.4±5.50.104
Waist circumference (cm)73.5±5.772.5±5.40.357
Trunk to leg fat ratio1.24±0.251.20±0.230.442
Arm fat (kg)1.1±0.61.0±0.50.090
Leg fat (kg)5.6±1.65.3±1.60.308
Trunk fat (kg)7.0±2.66.3±2.00.146
Body fat (kg)14.3±4.713.1±4.00.155
Arm lean mass (kg)3.5±0.73.5±0.70.739
Leg lean mass (kg)12.9±2.313.0±2.80.816
Trunk lean mass (kg)17.5±2.618.0±3.30.245
Body lean mass (kg)37.2±5.637.8±6.90.557
Cholesterol (mg/dL)183±28191±300.093
Triglycerides (mg/dL)54±2068±640.170
HDL cholesterol (mg/dL)73±1277±130.083
Free fatty acid* (mEq/L)0.47 (0.37–0.65)0.44 (0.32–0.62)0.064
Leptin (ng/mL)7.8±3.96.8±2.80.076
PAI-1* (ng/mL)23 (18–30)23 (19–29)0.644
hsCRP (µg/dL)32±4537±1060.657
  • Mean±SD.

  • *Median (IQR).

  • HDL, high-density lipoprotein; PAI-1, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1; hsCRP, high-sensitivity C reactive protein.