Table 4

Multivariable linear regression model showing independently associated factors with domains of HRQOL and overall HRQOL among adult patients with type II diabetes attending the Mizan Tepi University Teaching Hospital, 2018

HRQOL and its domainUnstandardized coefficient (β)(95% CI for β)P value
Physical health domain (N=267)
 Constant93.26(83.94 to 102.57)<0.001
 Age−0.48(−0.68 to −0.30)<0.001
 Duration of disease−1.50(−2 to −0.92)<0.001
 Fasting blood sugar−0.08(−0.12 to −0.04)<0.001
 Comorbidity status−5.86(−9.43 to −2.29)0.001
 Number of complications
 No complication*
 1 complication−0.99(−4.88 to 2.89)0.62
 ≥2 Complications−11.45(−17.40 to −5.50)0.001
Psychological domain (N=267)
 Constant120.58(105.22 to 135.95)<0.001
 Age−0.43(−0.64 to −0.21)<0.001
 Duration of disease−1.67(−2.32 to −1.01)<0.001
 Fasting blood sugar−0.11(−0.16 to −0.06)<0.001
 Number of complications
 No complication*
 1 complication−1.69(−6.10 to 2.72)0.45
 ≥2 Complications−9.94(−16.68 to −3.19)0.004
 Body mass index−0.96(−1.49 to −0.43)<0.001
Square root of environmental domain (N=267)
 Constant10.24(9.30 to 11.18)<0.001
 Age−0.023(−0.036 to −0.01)0.001
 Duration of disease−0.096(−0.14 to −0.06)<0.001
 Comorbidity−0.28(−0.52 to −0.04)0.024
 Fasting blood sugar−0.004(−0.007 to −0.002)0.002
 Body mass index−0.04(−0.072 to −0.008)0.016
Social relationship domain (N=267)
 Constant111.65(97.18 to 126.11)<0.001
 Age−0.56(−0.76 to −0.35)<0.001
 Duration of disease−1.56(−2.20 to −0.93)<0.001
 Fasting blood sugar−0.09(−0.13 to −0.04)<0.001
 Body mass index−0.53(−1 to −0.01)0.045
Overall HRQOL (N=267)
 Constant106.38(95.13 to 117.63)<0.001
 Age−0.42(0.58 to −0.26)<0.001
 Duration of disease−1.45(−1.93 to −0.98)<0.001
 Fasting blood sugar−0.08(−0.12 to −0.05)<0.001
 Comorbidity−3.25(−6.18 to −0.33)0.029
 Number of complications
 No complication*
 1 complication0.34(−2.86 to 3.53)0.84
 ≥2 Complications−6.61(−11.49 to −1.73)0.008
 Body mass index−0.61(−1 to −0.22)0.002
  • *Reference category=not comorbid and no complication of diabetes mellitus. VIFmax=1.5. P value for F-test in all domains and overall HRQOL was <0.001.

  • HRQOL, health-related quality of life; VIF, variable inflation factor.