Table 4

Association between vitamin D status and taking neuropathic pain medications among participants with type 2 DM

Participants on neuropathic pain medicationsP value
Vitamin D statusYes (n=16)No (n=223)0.78
Deficient (<20 ng/mL)10 (62.5)152 (68.2)
Insufficient (20–30 ng/mL)4 (25.0)47 (21.1)
Sufficient (>30 ng/mL)2 (12.5)24 (10.8)
  • *Gabapentin was the only medication that was used to treat neuropathy.

  • †Statistically significant difference (p<0.05) was determined using Fisher’s exact test. Data were expressed as frequency (%).

  • DM, diabetes mellitus.