Table 2

Healthcare behavior, information about diabetes risk, and beliefs on health and diabetes across categories of actual diabetes risk among adults without diagnosed diabetes from a nationwide population-based study in Germany (n=2327)

TotalCategories of actual diabetes riskP for trend
Low risk
Still low risk
(2% to <5%)
Elevated risk (5% to <10%)High risk
Preventive healthcare behavior
 ‘Health check-up 35’ in last 2 years (%)
 Yes37.028.045.349.356.9 <0.0001
 No14.712.618.920.814.1 0.12
 Don’t know this recommendation24.019.134.729.928.3 0.0002
 Not relevant as aged below 35 years24. <0.0001
 Last blood glucose measurement (%)
 Within last 12 months60.751.666.374.582.7 <0.0001
 ≥1 year ago27.933.725.318.313.5 <0.0001
 Never11.414. 0.0002
Information about diabetes risk
 Informed from physician about increased diabetes risk (%) <0.0001
 Actively informed about diabetes by oneself (%)30.331.230.231.525.8 0.23
 Occupational relation to diabetes topic (%)18.922. 0.001
Beliefs on health and diabetes
 Very good or good subjective health (%)72.781.267.458.553.3 <0.0001
 Perceived seriousness of diabetes (%)
 Very serious or serious65.260.970.172.472.1 0.001
 Moderately or not serious22. 0.001
 No opinion12.714.08.913.311.2 0.38
 Belief in general control of diabetes risk (%)*23.022.618.923.628.9 0.20
 Belief in personal control of diabetes risk (%)* 0.06
 Very good or good perceived knowledge about diabetes (%)56.454. 0.12
  • Data are given as weighted percentage.

  • *Based on response ‘fully agree’ or ‘agree’.