Table 1

Baseline characteristics of included children

Mean±SD (range)
Total number22
Gender55% male
Age in years4.9±1.3 (2.5–6.5)
HbA1c IFCC units (mmol/mol)47±10 (31–78)
HbA1c DCCT units (%)6.4±0.9 (5–9.3)
Insulin administration41% IPT, 59% MDI
Duration of diabetes in years1.7±1.1
BMI Z-score0.8±0.9 (−1.50 to 2.36)
Severe hypoglycemia rate (events per 100 patient years)8.1
  • .BMI, body mass index; DCCT, diabetes control and complications; HbA1c, glycated haemoglobin; IFCC, International Federation of Clinical Chemistry; IPT, insulin pump therapy;MDI, multiple daily injections.