Table 3

Unadjusted and adjusted logistic regression analyses exploring the relationship between 14 GP interactions about physical activity and participants’ level of physical activity equal to and above or below 600 MET-min/week

Behavior change technique (BCT)GP independent variables: Has your GP ever said or done any of the following?Unadjusted parameter estimatesAdjusted parameter estimates†
BExp(B)95% CIBExp(B)95% CIR2N
Provide information about behavior–health linkGave you general advice about physical activity (eg, ‘physical activity is important’)0.391.480.89 to 2.440.311.360.77 to 2.410.28
Provide instructionProvided specific instructions on how to increase your physical activity−0.560.57*0.34 to 0.095−0.540.590.36 to 1.050.29
Prompt specific goal settingHelped you set physical activity goals0.571.770.83 to 3.780.351.410.61 to 3.300.28
Provided advice on the type of physical activity you need to do−0.460.630.39 to 1.02−0.440.650.37 to 1.120.28
Provide information on consequencesProvided information about the benefits of physical activity for your general health0.351.410.89 to to 1.990.28
Provided information about the benefits of physical activity for your diabetes0.171.180.75 to 1.88−0.120.880.52 to 1.500.28
Provide feedback on performancePraised your efforts to be active0.912.49**1.56 to 3.980.742.1**1.24 to 3.530.30
Provide contingent rewardsPraised you when you lost weight from being active0.571.77*1.1 to 2.860.591.81*1.05 to 3.120.29
Praised you when you were able to lower your blood glucose levels as a result of being active0.812.24**1.4 to 3.590.561.75*1.03 to 2.960.29
Provide general encouragementGave you encouragement to be active0.481.61*1.01 to 2.580.491.640.96 to 2.780.29
Prompt self-monitoring of behaviorMonitored your physical activity0.641.890.92 to 3.890.441.550.68 to 3.490.28
Relapse preventionHelped you get back on track if you stopped being active for any reason0.391.470.76 to 2.840.611.840.86 to 3.920.29
OtherTold you to lose weight‡0.401.490.9 to 2.430.231.260.69 to 2.30.28
Told you to be more active‡0.291.340.84 to to 1.840.28
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01.

  • †Adjusted logistic regression controls for gender, body mass index (BMI), depressive symptoms (WHO-5 total scores), self-efficacy (BARSE total scores) and diabetes-specific comorbidities.

  • ‡Did not map onto BCT taxonomy.16

  • BARSE, Barriers Self-Efficacy; GP, general practitioner.