Table 1

System characteristics according to the respective manufacturer’s labeling for blood glucose monitoring systems (BGMS) a to r

#SystemReagent systemManufacturer’s reference measurement procedureTest strip enzymeManufacturer*
Lot numberExpiry date
aABRAMPD123C0062020/03GODGODDiagnosis S.A., Poland
bAccu-Chek Guide1005512019/10HKGDHRoche Diabetes Care GmbH, Germany
cAURUMTD16G115-BEE2019/01GODGDHTaiDoc Technology Corp., Taiwan
dCareSens DualQM20HBB2B2020/04GODGDHi-SENS, Inc., Korea
eCERA-CHEK 1CODEG48D0717112020/04GODGDHGreen Cross Medis Corp., Korea
fContourNext OneDP8APEG14B2020/01GODGDHAscensia Diabetes Care Holdings AG, Switzerland
geBsensorI2A0B1H052020/02GODGODVisgeneer Inc., Taiwan
hFreeStyle Freedom Lite10410952020/02GODGDHAbbott Diabetes Care Ltd., UK
iGL50 evoD07/12020/02GODGDHBeurer GmbH, Germany
jGlucoCheck GOLDWG18A103-BEE2020/01GODGDHaktivmed GmbH, Germany
kGlucoMen areo 2KHS1803202020/03GODGODA.Menarini Diagnostics S.r.l., Italy
lGluNEOX18C17-5B22020/03HK†GDHInfopia Co., Ltd., Korea
mMyStar DoseCoachPM15WD96L2019/01GODGODAgaMatrix Inc., USA
Distributor‡: Sanofi-Aventis France, France
nOneTouch Verio Flex43415262019/08GODGDHLifeScan Europe, Division of Cilag GmbH International, Switzerland
oPic Gluco Test10180500062020/05GODGODSD BioSensor, Inc., Korea
pRightest GM700S2117A12012019/09GODGDHBionime Corp., Taiwan
qTRUEyouHLU1243INT2020/10GODGDHTrividia Health, Inc., USA
rWaveSense JAZZ WirelessQA03WY28L2020/02GODGODAgaMatrix Inc., USA
  • *Manufacturer names are given according to the imprints on the systems.

  • †No information about the manufacturer’s reference measurement procedure was available at the time of manuscript submission. Based on literature research19 and the investigator’s experience regarding reliability of measurement results, the HK-based procedure was assigned as primary reference measurement procedure for system accuracy evaluation.

  • ‡Data from the market research institute (IMS MIDAS Customised Insights, analysis period MAT 08/2017) indicated Sanofi as manufacturer of the reagent system used with BGMS m, as opposed to the labels on the BGMS components that indicate AgaMatrix as manufacturer. This discrepancy was only realized after all materials had been procured; therefore, this BGMS was not replaced.

  • GDH, glucose dehydrogenase; GOD, glucose oxidase; HK, hexokinase.