Table 1

Characteristics of mothers and their children

Maternal characteristics
 Maternal age before pregnancy, mean (SD), years27.2 (3.4)
 Gestational age at delivery, mean (SD), weeks38.9 (1.7)
 Pre-pregnancy BMI, mean (SD), kg/m220.9 (2.7)
 Gestational weight gain, mean (SD), kg12.7 (4.4)
 Mean systolic pressure, mean (SD), mm Hg105.5 (10.9)
 Mean diastolic pressure, mean (SD), mm Hg66.0 (7.9)
 Fasting plasma glucose level, mean (SD), mmol/L4.4 (0.4)
 1-hour plasma glucose level, mean (SD), mmol/L8.0 (1.6)
 2-hour plasma glucose level, mean (SD), mmol/L6.8 (1.3)
Child characteristics
 Boy, n (%)3287 (53.8)
 Birth weight (kg)3.2 (0.7)
 Mode of infant feeding within the first 6 months, n (%)
  Exclusive formula feeding1090 (20.7)
  Exclusive breast feeding3812 (72.4)
  Mixed breast and formula365 (6.9)
 Age at follow-up5.2 (0.4)
 BMI Z-scores at follow-up, mean (SD)−0.05 (0.9)
  • BMI, body mass index.