Table 1

Research priorities for exercise and type 1 diabetes

Position #Research question
1What explains the variation in responses that the same person can experience doing the same exercise between different days?
2Which is the best for maintaining glycemic stability and glucose tolerance: aerobic training, strength training or a combination of both? If a combination, does the order matter?
3What modes of exercise (ie, activity types, such as walking, cycling, weightlifting, rock climbing, etc) produce the best health benefits while maintaining tight glycemic control?
4What dietary plans can safely and effectively be followed for an active lifestyle in type 1 diabetes without compromising pre-exerise and postexercise glycemic control?
5What is the optimal time of day and exercise prescription (example: how often, what type, how intense) in order to maintain ideal glycemic control and insulin sensitivity?
6What is the best method of preventing postexercise hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia?
7Will certain glycemic ranges before starting exercise consistently result in hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia?
8What effect can various levels of hydration have on blood sugar levels during and after exercise?
9How does hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia affect muscle growth and strength training progress, or vice versa?
10What is the effect of climate/temperature on blood sugar control during exercise and what causes this effect?