Table 2

IHTAG content and fasting and postprandial biochemical characteristics of participants (n=19) taking omega-3 FA

Baseline8 weeks
IHTAG (%)7.8±1.66.3±1.3*
Fasting plasma biochemical parameters
VLDL-TAG (µmol/L)1335±571069±97*
VLDL-ApoB (mg/dL)3.5±0.54.6±0.7
VLDL-TAG/VLDL-ApoB†34 791±660017 657±2945*
Postprandial plasma biochemical parameters (AUC, time-averaged)
Chylomicron-TAG (µmol/L)564±70449±52
VLDL-TAG (µmol/L)1546±571330±79*
NEFA (µmol/L)89±2180±18
3OHB (µmol/L)81.5±11.387.3±11.6
Postprandial13C-labeled plasma biochemical parameters (AUC, time-averaged)
13C plasma TAG-palmitate (µmol/L)3.9±0.43.3±0.3
13C chylomicron-TAG palmitate (µmol/L)2.9±0.32.0±0.2*
13C NEFA-palmitate (µmol/L)0.43±0.040.45±0.03
13C VLDL-TAG palmitate (µmol/L)0.87±0.070.79±0.05
Whole-body 13CO2 (µmol/min)2.8±0.23.2±0.2*
Hepatic 13CO2 (µmol/min)0.91±0.071.0±0.06*
Respiratory exchange ratio0.96±0.020.89±0.01**
  • Data expressed as mean±SEM.

  • *P<0.05, **p<0.01 baseline vs 8 weeks.

  • †Molar ratio.

  • AUC, areas under the curve; IHTAG, intrahepatic triacylglycerol; NEFA, nonesterified fatty acids; 3OHB, 3-hydroxybutyrate; TAG, triacylglycerol; VLDL, very low-density lipoprotein.