Table 2

Predictors for model 1 (all recurrent plantar foot ulcer) and model 2 (plantar foot ulcer recurrence from unrecognized repetitive stress)

PredictorCoefficient95% CIChange in variableChange in ulcer probability
Model 1: all plantar foot ulcer recurrences
Intercept−2.1−3.8 to −0.37
Living alone0.760.015 to 1.5No to yes0.16
Minor lesions1.40.69 to 2.1No to yes0.25
Duration of the previous ulcer0.0340.0026 to 0.06512 months0.085
Barefoot peak plantar pressure0.0013−0.00013 to 0.0027255 kPa0.07
Variation in daily stride count−0.047−0.10 to 0.0098700 steps−0.065
Model 2: plantar foot ulcer recurrence from unrecognized repetitive stress
Intercept−1.8−2.5 to −1.1
Minor lesions2.21.3 to 3.1No to yes0.37
Duration of the previous ulcer0.0380.0047 to 0.07112 months0.064
Previous ulcer location:
 Metatarsal headsReference
 Hallux−1.6−2.8 to −0.4In comparison to patients with an ulcer at the metatarsal heads−0.028
 Toes−2.0−3.6 to −0.4−0.21
 Midfoot0.024−2.3 to 2.40.21
  • CI, Confidence interval.