Table 2

Inexercise energy intake across each day of the 9-day training camp

Inexercise energy intake
Ride numberRide duration (hours)Energy (kcal/hour)CHO (g/hour)Fat (g/hour)Protein (g/hour)
Day 14.2±0.1163±9335±212±1†2±1‡
Day 25.5±1.4287±288*60±65*5±4*†3±1
Day 32.0±0.490±102*20±20*1±3*1±1‡
Day 45.8±0.6222±6045±144±13±1
Day 53.6±0.3264±111*54±234±24±3‡
Day 6CPX testing
Day 73.3±1.2149±14230±253±42±2‡
Day 84.7±0.6238±7948±154±2*3±2
Day 95.9±0.2261±93*55±21*4±22±1
P value<0.0010.0020.0020.004<0.001
  • Dietary data were not collected on day 6 due to CPX testing.

  • Data are presented as mean±SD and expressed as intake per hour per kilogram of body mass. N=16.

  • *P≤0.05 between day 3 and all other identified trials.

  • †P≤0.05 between day 2 and all other identified trials.

  • ‡P≤0.05 between day 5 and all other identified trials.

  • CHO, carbohydrate; CPX, cardiopulmonary exercise.