Table 3

Performance metrics

First author, and assessed modelDiscrimination (%)Classification measures
Gomez-Arbelaez et al2574.77 (95% CI 57.22 to 92.32) (men) and 71.75 (95% CI 58.68 to 84.81) (women)At a cut-off of ≥14. Men: sensitivity=66.7; specificity=75.2; positive predictive value=6.8; negative predictive value=98.8; Youden’s index=0.419. Women: sensitivity=71.4; specificity=62.6; positive predictive value=4.8; negative predictive value=98.8; Youden’s index=0.340.
Bernabe-Ortiz et al,24 FINDRISC Simplified71.10At a cut-off of 3: sensitivity=0.859; specificity=0.467; positive predictive value=0.074; negative predictive value=0.985; likelihood ratio positive=1.6; likelihood ratio negative=0.3; diagnostic OR=5.3.
Bernabe-Ortiz et al,24 FINDRISC69.00At a cut-off of 11: sensitivity=0.690; specificity=0.668; positive predictive value=0.094; negative predictive value=0.978; likelihood ratio positive=2.1; likelihood ratio negative=0.5; diagnostic OR=4.5.
Bernabe-Ortiz et al,24 LA-FINDRISC68.00At a cut-off of 10: sensitivity=0.704; specificity=0.591; positive predictive value=0.079; negative predictive value=0.970; likelihood ratio positive=1.7; likelihood ratio negative=0.5; diagnostic OR=3.4.
Nieto-Martinez et al,26 LA-FINDRISC72.2 (95% CI 66.8 to 77.5) (men) and 72.40 (95% CI 63.9 to 81.0) (women)For men at a cut-off of 9: sensitivity=72.2; specificity=62.2; positive likelihood ratio=1.91. For women at a cut-off of 10: sensitivity=71.4; specificity=65.4; positive likelihood ratio=2.06.
Nieto-Martinez et al,26 FINDRISC72.90 (95% CI 67.6 to 78.1) (men) and 73.20 (95% CI 64.8 to 81.6) (women)
Barengo et al,23 ColDRISC74 (95% CI 70 to 79)At a cut-off of 4: sensitivity=0.73; specificity=0.67; positive predictive value=0.106; negative predictive value=0.979.
Barengo et al,23 modified FINDRISC73 (95% CI 69 to 78)At a cut-off of 10: sensitivity=0.72; specificity=0.60; positive predictive value=0.084; negative predictive value=0.984.