Table 3

Classification of pregnancies according to White’s Classification of Diabetes in Pregnancy10

Pregnancies (n=23)
Class A1: Gestational diabetes; diet controlled
Class A2: Gestational diabetes; medication controlled
Class B: Onset at age 20 years or older or with duration of less than 10 years
Class C: Onset at age 10–19 years or duration of 10–19 years11 (47.8%)
Class D: Onset before age 10 years or duration greater than 20 years6 (26.1%)
Class E: Overt diabetes mellitus with calcified pelvic vessels
Class F: Diabetic nephropathy1 (4.3%)
Class R: Proliferative retinopathy2 (8.7%)
Class RF: Retinopathy and nephropathy3 (13%)
Class H: Ischemic heart disease
Class T: Prior kidney transplant