Table 2

Proposed reporting standards for mouse models of diabetes-associated ulceration

Elevated and sustained glycemiaDiabetes should be validated by more than one method, as per recommendations by DiaComp, and, ideally, performed multiple times.
Suggested criteria:
  • Fasting blood glucose >8.33 mmol/L (highly recommended) or otherwise random blood glucose >15 mmol/L.

  • Validation via intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test, or euglycemic clamp on awake and conscious animals.

Presence of ischemia
  • May be examined using laser Doppler or similar techniques.

  • May be artificially induced via ligation/obstruction/excision of local major artery.

Presence of neuropathy
  • May be examined by electrophysiology, behavioral tests and/or histology.

Location of wound on peripheryIdeally on the foot/paw.
Possible infection could be consideredMay be artificially induced.
  • DiaComp, Diabetic Complications Consortium.