Table 1

Characteristic of included studies

First author, yearCountryStudy designInterventionComparatorFollow-up (weeks)Patients (n)Inclusion criteria
Type 1 diabetes
Al Hayek, 201714Saudi ArabiaPCSFreeStyle LibreNA1247Type 1 diabetes, 13–19 years, MDI or CSII
Al Hayek, 201915Saudi ArabiaPCSFreeStyle LibreNA1247Type 1 diabetes, 17–21 years, CSII, HbA1c >7% (53 mmol/mol)
Bolinder, 20167Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, SwedenRCTFreeStyle LibreSMBG24239Type 1 diabetes, ≥18 years, MDI or CSII, HbA1c ≤7.5% (58 mmol/mol), SMBG ≥3 times/day, hypoglycemia awareness
Campbell, 201816Germany, Ireland, UKPCSFreeStyle LibreNA876Type 1 diabetes, 4–17 years, MDI or CSII, SMBG ≥2 times/day
Kramer, 201917GermanyNRFreeStyle LibreNA5640Type 1 diabetes, MDI or CSII
Landau, 201818IsraelRCSFreeStyle LibreNA5671Type 1 diabetes, ≤25 years, MDI or CSII
Messaaoui, 201919BelgiumPCSFreeStyle LibreSMBG56334Type 1 diabetes, 4–20 years, MDI or CSII
Moreno-Fernandez, 201820SpainRCSFreeStyle LibreSMBG2436Type 1 diabetes, 18–65 years, CSII
Paris, 201821BelgiumPCSFreeStyle LibreNA56120Type 1 diabetes, ≥18 years, MDI or CSII
Type 2 diabetes
Haak, 20178 22France, Germany, UKRCTFreeStyle LibreSMBG24*224Type 2 diabetes, ≥18 years, prandial insulin only or MDI or CSII, HbA1c 7.5%–12.0% (58–108 mmol/mol), SMBG ≥10 times/week
Yaron, 201923IsraelRCTFreeStyle LibreSMBG10101Type 2 diabetes, 30–80 years, MDI, HbA1c 7.5%–10.0% (58–86 mmol/mol)
Gernay, 201824BelgiumRCSFreeStyle LibreSMBG15838Type 1 diabetes or insulin-treated type 2 diabetes or other types of insulin-dependent diabetes, MDI or CSII
  • *In ref8 ,22 patients randomized to flash glucose monitoring (FGM) continued into an additional 6-month open-access phase.

  • CSII, continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion; MDI, multiple dose insulin injection; NA, not applicable; NR, not reported; PCS, prospective cohort study; RCS, retrospective cohort study; RCT, randomized controlled trial; SMBG, self-monitoring of blood glucose.