Table 2

Comparison of ferritin levels between obese children and healthy controls and obese children with and without Mets

Obese childrenHealthy controlP valueObese children
with Mets
Obese children without MetsP value
Ferritin60.10 (40.70, 89.47)38.15 (26.38, 50.58)<0.001101.12 (41.25, 130.23)73.14 (40.85, 85.30)<0.001
Log ferritin4.12±0.683.61±0.58<0.0014.31±0.814.08±0.63<0.001
  • Ferritin levels were compared by Wilcoxon tests, and log ferritin levels were compared by t-tests.

  • Mets, metabolic syndrome.