Table 1

Mean values for basal metabolic rate and body mass on the beginning (ST) and the end (END) of experiment (least square means±SE) in H-BMR, L-BMR, and NS-BMR line type mice originated from insulin resistant (IR), type 2 diabetes (T2D), and control group

TreatmentLine typeBMR (mL O2/h)Body mass ST (g)Body mass END (g)
IRH-BMR64.54±1.28a34.2±0.64a34.8±0.82 a,ns
L-BMR39.18±0.97b33.4±0.93a40.9±1.02 b,***
NS-BMR51.86±0.98c32.5±0.87a34.1±1.27 a,ns
T2DH-BMR63.22±1.17a33.17±0.41a31.1±1.74 a,ns
L-BMR41.02±0.68b35.5±0.76a29.5±3.08 a,*
NS-BMR52.95±0.74c33.9±0.91a28.4±1.65 a,**
  • Letters (a,b,c) show significant differences between line types within the control, IR and T2D groups. Asterisks indicate statistical significance of the difference between the respective experimental groups and their controls within each line type (*p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001).

  • BMR, basal metabolic rate; H-BMR, high basal metabolic rate; L-BMR, low basal metabolic rate; ns, not significant; NS-BMR, non-selected basal metabolic rate.