Table 2

Results from multiple linear regression of clinical biomarkers in the hepatic fat community with hepatic fat fraction

VariableModel 1
(partially adjusted)
Model 2
(+VAT, deep SAT, superficial SAT)
β (SE)P value*β (SE)P value*
Systolic BP0.83 (0.35)0.01860.84 (0.35)0.0184
Log-fasting insulin0.08 (0.02)1.75E−50.08 (0.02)1.96E−5
Log-HOMA-IR0.08 (0.02)3.79E−50.08 (0.02)4.19E−5
Log-WBISI0.10 (0.02)5.70E−70.10 (0.02)6.71E−7
Log-DI−0.06 (0.03)0.0206−0.06 (0.03)0.0219
Log-ALT0.09 (0.02)7.78E−60.09 (0.02)7.77E−6
Log-triglycerides0.05 (0.02)0.00340.05 (0.02)0.0036
HDL−0.41 (0.37)0.2705−0.42 (0.37)0.2617
  • P values meeting this threshold are indicated in bold.

  • *Model 1 was adjusted for age (years), sex, race/ethnicity, and BMI z-score. Model 2 was also adjusted for log-VAT ratio, log-deep SAT ratio, and log-superficial SAT ratio. Hepatic fat was square root-transformed prior to analysis. Significance was set at Bonferroni-corrected p<0.00625 (0.05/8 tests).

  • ALT, alanine aminotransferase; BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; DI, disposition index; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; HOMA-IR, homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance; SAT, subcutaneous adipose tissue; VAT, visceral adipose tissue; WBISI, whole body insulin sensitivity index.