Table 1

Equations to calculate different parameters

Parameter (unit)Equation
Clearance at, eg, 90 min after NMP
Embedded Image
Creatinine clearance (mL/min/100 g)Embedded Image
Metformin clearance (mL/min/100 g)Embedded Image
Metformin-to-creatinine clearance ratioEmbedded Image
Fractional sodium excretion (%)Embedded Image
Oxygen consumption (mLO2/min/100 g)Embedded Image
Oxygen content in porcine model (mLO2/L)Embedded Image
Embedded Image
  • Units of the parameters used within the equations are depicted with hard brackets to avoid confusion with regular brackets. In the porcine study, a total oxygen binding capacity of hemoglobin of 24.8 mLO2/mmol and 0.225 mLO2/kPa oxygen solubility in water at 37°C was assumed.

  • NMP, normothermic machine perfusion; PO2, arterial or venous partial pressure of oxygen; SO2, arterial or venous oxygen saturation.