Table 2

Cutaneous microvessel local heating responses using laser Doppler fluxometry (LDF-derived parameters)

BLLHP value
(BL vs LH)
BLLHP value
(BL vs LH)
BLLHP value
(BL vs LH)
P value
Flux (PU)33±13171±38<0.00128±17135±48†<0.00135±18135±36†<0.0010.023 (two-way RM)*
 % change flux498±237482±243380±2620.427 (one way)
0.34±0.151.80±0.48<0.0010.31±0.171.52±0.56<0.0010.37±0.201.45±0.34<0.0010.067 (two-way RM)
 % change CVC513±238472±263389±2730.457 (one way)
MABP, finger
(mm Hg)
100.1±12.799.6±13.50.75792.6±1894.6±18.10.28396.5±1496±140.7560.516 (two-way RM)
Resting skin temperature (°C)29.6±1.231.3±1.3†33.1±1.4†‡<0.001 (one way)*
LDF heat unit temperature (°C)33.1±0.344.0±0<0.00133.0±044.0±0<0.00133.3±0.544.0±0<0.001
OCT heat unit temperature (°C)33.1±044.2±0<0.00133.1±044.2±0<0.00133.3±0.444.2±0<0.001
  • Data are presented in mean±SD. Two-way repeated measures ANOVA (p value indicated interaction between time*group factors) was used to test the LDF-derived flux and CVC at baseline and at the end of local heating between groups, while % changes were tested using one-way ANOVA. Post hoc p values for baseline and local heating responses within groups are detailed in the columns.

  • *Significantly different from control group at p<0.05,

  • †Significantly different from control group at p<0.01.

  • ‡Significantly different from DNU group at p<0.01.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; BL, baseline; CON, control; CVC, cutaneous vascular conductance; DFU, diabetic foot ulcer; DNU, diabetic non-ulcer; LDF, laser Doppler flowmetry; LH, local heating; MABP, Mean Arterial Blood Pressure; OCT, optical coherence tomography; PU, perfusion unit; RM, repeated measures.