Table 2

Absolute and relative values of single class medication and metformin-based combination therapies in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Diabetes Registry Tyrol and change over time from 2012 to 2018

ClassTotal* (%)Change from 2012 to 2018†
Oral medication
 Oral antidiabetic drugs7408 (68.12)<0.001
 Metformin or gliptins6535 (60.09)0.005
 Metformin5583 (51.34)0.002
 Gliptins3067 (28.20)0.013
 SGLT-2i1270 (11.68)<0.001
 Sulfonylurea analogs994 (9.14)<0.001
 Glitazones399 (3.67)0.098
 Glucosidase inhibitors39 (0.36)0.005
Injectable medication
 Insulin or analogs3765 (34.62)0.073
 Insulin analogs3656 (33.62)0.101
 Insulin3180 (29.24)0.065
 GLP-1a301 (2.77)0.017
Metformin-based combinations
 Metformin and gliptin2115 (19.45)0.024
 Metformin and (insulin/analogs)1858 (17.09)0.003
 Metformin and SGLT-2i1049 (9.65)<0.001
 Metformin and sulfonylurea503 (4.63)0.001
 Metformin and SGLT-2i and gliptin459 (4.22)0.002
 Metformin and glitazone281 (2.58)0.329
 Metformin and GLP-1a210 (1.93)0.006
 Metformin and SGLT-2i and GLP-1a75 (0.69)0.002
 Total number of patients10 875 (100)
  • *Data are absolute number of patients prescribed one of the drugs or combinations.

  • †Time series analysis with a linear regression was used to assess if drug prescription has changed in the time from 2012 to 2018. P<0.05 was considered a significant change over the 7-year period.

  • GLP-1a, glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist; SGLT-2i, sodium/glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor.