Table 4

Choroidal thickness and volume measurements and CVI comparing subjects segregated according to the duration of diabetes (N=75, excluding patients without diabetes)

Duration of diabetes<5 years
>5 years
P value*
Choroidal volume, mm3 (SD)8.99 (1.57)8.10 (1.41)0.02
Subfoveal CT (μm) (SD)327.52 (64.93)299.24 (60.24)0.08
CVI, subfoveal Haller’s layer0.45 (0.07)0.45 (0.07)0.75
CVI, subfoveal Sattler’s layer0.47 (0.10)0.41 (0.11)0.04
CVI, macular Haller’s layer0.44 (0.05)0.44 (0.05)0.99
CVI, macular Sattler’s layer0.45 (0.07)0.42 (0.07)0.67
  • Data are expressed as numbers (percentages) for categorical variables or means (SDs) for continuous variables.

  • Bold values are statistically significant.

  • *Based on χ2 or Wilcoxon test (categorical), or independent sample t-tests, comparing characteristics between participants with 5 years and less or more than 5 years of diabetes duration.

  • CT, choroidal thickness; CVI, Choroidal Vascularity Index.