Table 3

Body mass index stratified univariate and multivariate ORs for incident hypertension in middle-aged participants

OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
BMI <25 (n=1689)
 IFG3271.40(1.02 to 1.93)0.0401.22(0.88 to 1.70)0.231
 IGT3201.66(1.21 to 2.26)0.0021.42(1.03 to 1.97)0.033
 Diabetes1452.13(1.43 to 3.18)<0.0011.77(1.17 to 2.69)0.007
BMI ≥25 (n=447)
 IFG911.33(0.74 to 2.38)0.3401.25(0.69 to 2.28)0.462
 IGT1461.04(0.61 to 1.76)0.8890.96(0.56 to 1.65)0.878
 Diabetes850.74(0.39 to 1.41)0.3590.59(0.30 to 1.16)0.129
  • Multivariate model included age, sex, BMI, eGFR, total cholesterol level, follow-up period, smoking, and drinking.

  • BMI, body mass index; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; IFG, impaired fasting glucose; IGT, impaired glucose tolerance; NFG, normal fasting glucose; NGT, normal glucose tolerance.