Table 1

Pathways enrichment analysis of proteins increased in high glucose cultures

Pathway nameCountP value*Abundance ratio
Proteins (Uniprot ID)
Folding of actin by CCT/TRiC51.37E-061.61±0.17TCPA, TCPB, TCPD, TCPH, TCPZ
Cooperation of prefoldin and TRiC/CCT in actin and tubulin folding63.50E-051.60±0.15PFD4, TCPA, TCPB, TCPD, TCPH, TCPZ
HSP90 chaperone cycle for steroid hormone receptors78.54E-051.53±0.08CAZA1, CAZA2, DC1I2, DC1L2, DCTN2, DNJA2, HS71A,
COPI-independent Golgi-to-ER retrograde traffic64.85E-041.50±0.10CAZA1, CAZA2, DC1I2, DC1L2, DCTN2, RBGPR
Golgi-to-ER retrograde transport98.43E-041.58±0.21ARF4, CAZA1, CAZA2, DCL1I2, DCL1L2, DCTN2, GBF1, KINH, RBGPR.
Cellular responses to stress172.09E-031.54±0.13CAZA1, CAZA2, DC1I2, DC1L2, DCTN2, DNAJ2, GBF1, HS71A, PRDX2, MK03, NU214, PSDE, PSMD1, PSMD3, SEC13, TERA, TPR
Cellular response to heat stress72.02E-031.57±0.16GBF1, HS71A, HS105, MK03, SEC13, TERA, TPR.
Glucose metabolism72.43E-031.49±0.112AAA, AATC, GNPI2, NU214, PFKAP, SEC13, TPR
Intra-Golgi and retrograde Golgi-to-ER traffic104.33E-031.61±0.24ARF4, CAZA1, CAZA2, DC1I2, DC1L2, DCTN2, GBF1, GOGA4, KINH, RBGPR,
COPI-mediated anterograde transport73.08E-031.61±0.23ARF4, CAZA1, CAZA2, DC1I2, DC1L2, DCTN2, GBF1
  • *P value is Bonferroni corrected and false discovery rate is <0.05.

  • CCT, chaperonin containing T-complex protein 1; COPI, coat protein complex I; ER, endoplasmic reticulum; HSP, heat shock protein; TRiC, T-complex protein-1 ring complex.