Table 1

Characteristics of Nurses’ Health Study II – Diabetes and Women’s Health Study participants according to lifetime duration of lactation (n=689)*

Lifetime duration of lactation (months)
Age at index GDM†, years32.1±4.832.6±4.732.6±5.233.1±4.8
Family history of diabetes33282828
Age at first birth, years26.8±5.629.5±5.728.0±5.226.3±4.2
Prepregnancy body mass index, kg/m222.3±4.621.1±3.220.9±2.820.8±2.4
Ever-smoking status in 199130272529
Alternate Healthy Eating Index in 199142.0±9.945.3±11.245.4±10.143.9±9.8
Total activity in 1991, METs/week14.6±14.716.9±18.217.5±17.716.5±21.1
  • *Values are means±SD or percentages and are standardized to the age distribution of the study population.

  • †Value is not age adjusted.

  • GDM, gestational diabetes; MET, metabolic equivalent task.