Table 2

Effect of T1DM on LGA neonates among Caucasian and Asian women

LGA neonates
Adjusted RR (95% CI)*†
Model 1: Main effect of T1DM in whole study population43545.220 9839.12.96 (2.27 to 3.86)
Model 2: Stratified regression approach
 Effect of T1DM among Caucasian women3145214 250114.18 (3.84 to 4.55)
 Effect of T1DM among Asian women1314.125945.12.11 (1.24 to 3.59)
Model 3: Specified levels approach with interaction term in the model
 Effect of T1DM among Caucasian women31452.214 25011.14.18 (3.83 to 4.55)
 Effect of T1DM among Asian women1314.125945.12.10 (1.24 to 3.54)
  • *Adjusted for covariates: maternal age, neighborhood income level, parity, smoking, prepregnancy BMI, gestational weight gain, conception type, pre-existing maternal health conditions (including pre-existing hypertension, pre-existing heart disease, or pulmonary disease), type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, anxiety, and depression.

  • †Multivariable log-binomial regression models were used to estimate the relative risks. Missing values of maternal age, median household income, parity and prepregnancy BMI, gestational weight gain and conception type were imputed by fully conditional specification logistic regression (a generalized logit distribution) method.

  • BMI, body mass index; LGA, large-for-gestational age; RR, relative risk; T1DM, type 1 diabetes mellitus.