Table 1

Mendelian randomization (MR) estimates between accelerometer-based average accelerations and type 2 diabetes and glycemic traits

MethodNo. of SNPsOR/beta95% CIP valueOutcome
Inverse variance weighted (multiplicative random effects)71.00(0.94 to 1.07)0.948Type 2 diabetes
Weighted median71.01(0.97 to 1.06)0.562Type 2 diabetes
MR-PRESSO: outlier corrected41.03(1.01 to 1.06)0.103Type 2 diabetes
MRMix71.52(1.14 to 2.03)0.004Type 2 diabetes
Inverse variance weighted (multiplicative random effects)50.001(-0.007 to 0.01)0.767HbA1c
Weighted median50.000(−0.01 to 0.01)0.968HbA1c
MR-PRESSO: raw50.001(−0.007 to 0.01)0.782HbA1c
MRMix50.035(−0.917 to 0.987)0.943HbA1c
Inverse variance weighted (multiplicative random effects)5−0.001(−0.017 to 0.015)0.914Fasting glucose
Weighted median50.002(−0.019 to 0.023)0.861Fasting glucose
MR-PRESSO: raw5−0.001(−0.012 to 0.01)0.886Fasting glucose
MRMix5−0.010(−0.204 to 0.184)0.919Fasting glucose
Inverse variance weighted (multiplicative random effects)5−0.002(−0.021 to 0.017)0.811HOMA-B
Weighted median5−0.010(−0.03 to 0.009)0.294HOMA-B
MR-PRESSO: raw5−0.002(−0.021 to 0.017)0.822HOMA-B
MRMix5−0.360(−0.698 to −0.022)0.037HOMA-B
Inverse variance weighted (multiplicative random effects)5−0.001(−0.019 to 0.016)0.871HOMA-IR
Weighted median5−0.003(−0.026 to 0.02)0.786HOMA-IR
MR-PRESSO: raw5−0.001(−0.018 to 0.015)0.875HOMA-IR
MRMix5−0.010(−0.269 to 0.249)0.940HOMA-IR
  • HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; HOMA-B, homeostasis model assessment of beta-cell function; HOMA-IR, homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance ; MR-PRESSO, MR-Pleiotropy RESidual Sum and Outlier; SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphisms.