Table 3

Data from the ActiGraph activity monitor

InterventionObservation period5 sessions2 sessionsP value*P value†P value‡
Activity energy expenditure
MET per day1.48±0.191.50±0.171.48±0.170.4590.3360.914
Sedentary (% per day)65.6±9.665.6±7.764.1±8.00.2160.2690.095
Light activity (% per day)22.6±6.421.8±4.224.1±7.00.0070.02750.165
Moderate activity (% per day)11.8±4.712.6±4.611.9±4.40.2730.2170.929
Vigorous activity (% per day)0.0±0.00.0±0.00.0±0.0NANANA
Step counts (number per day)10 342±437611 693±403411 361±40140.5630.01250.079
  • Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • *P value for comparing the two intervention periods.

  • †P value for comparing the observation period and the five-session period.

  • ‡P value for comparing the observation period and the two-session period.

  • kcal, kilocalorie (physical activity energy expenditure); MET, metabolic expenditure rate; NA, not applicable.