Table 2

Percentage of patients in control and bad control of triglycerides with or without fibrate treatment in each visit

Basal (before intervention)With treatment indicated in the first visitEvaluation at 3 months visit (%)Evaluation at 1-year follow-up (%)Evaluation at 2-year follow-up (%)
Treatment and control5.65.632.615.614.9
Treatment and bad control06.921.216.314.6
Without treatment and control36.136.143.14143.4
Without treatment and bad control58.351.
OR (95% CI)1.15 (1.07–1.23)0.89 (0.48–1.65)2.02 (1.69–2.4)1.35 (0.97–1.90)1.36 (0.95–1.95)
P vaue<0.001<0.001<0.001<0.001<0.001