Table 1

Changes in metabolic parameters at basal, 3 months and 1 year and treatment indicated

Basal parameters
Lipids at 3 months
Lipids at 1-year follow-up (V5)Lipids at 2-year follow-up (V6)
Triglycerides† (mg/dL)169 (122–248)111 (86–147)141 (103–195)138 (105–188)
Total cholesterol† (mg/dL)194±43.6151±30.1173±39.2171±36.5
LDL cholesterol† (mg/dL)115±3885±24109±33106±31
LDL cholesterol† (mg/dL)
<50 years old105.5±34.483.11±20.2108.8±31.8106.8±31.3
>50 years old118.5±38.785.9±25.9109.1±33.2105.8±31.3
BasalTreatment indicated in the first visitTreatment indicated in visit 4 (3 months) (%)How patients arrive at 1-year follow-up (%)Treatment indicated in the first annual visit (%)How patients arrive at 2 years (%)Treatment indicated in the second annual visit (%)
Patients without treatment (%)76.720.1*11.8*48.316.747.617.7
Only statins (%)10.835.8*34.4*19.8‡35.122.636.1
Only fibrates (%)8.313.912.
Statin±fibrate (%)4.230.2*41.6*20.8‡40.620.1‡38.9
  • *P<0.001 comparing with basal evaluation (V0).

  • †Analysis of variance for lipid control parameters p<0.001.

  • ‡P<0.001 compared with previous visit.

  • LDL, low-density lipoprotein.