Table 2

Multivariate regression for lowest phosphate during the first 24 hours of treatment in DKA

Univariate standardized beta coefficientP valueMultivariate standardized beta coefficientP valuePart correlation
Age (years)0.0420.706
Female gender (%)−0.0550.622
BMI (kg/m2)−0.1180.290
Current smoker (yes=1)0.1180.289
Smoking (pack-years)−0.1760.279
Drugs (yes=1)0.0180.878
Use of alcohol (U/week)0.0610.676
Temperature (°C)0.0060.964
EMV score0.0920.449
Diabetes duration (years)0.0840.477
Earlier DKA (yes=1)0.2510.031
Use of pen (yes=1)0.0060.959
Use of pump (yes=1)−0.0060.959
Use of sensor (yes=1)−0.2030.081
Insulin dose (U/day)0.1590.322
HbA1c (%)−0.0400.773
HbA1c (mmol/mol)−0.0080.956
Microvascular complications (yes=1)0.0520.659
Retinopathy (yes=1)−0.0340.771
Neuropathy (yes=1)0.1220.298
Nephropathy (yes=1)0.0590.613
Macrovascular complications (yes=1)0.0410.727
Cause DKA
 New-onset T1DM (yes=1)−0.3410.002−0.0890.437
 Therapy non-adherence (yes=1)0.1810.129
 Infection/Inflammation (yes=1)−0.0530.660
Laboratory measurements
 Hb (mmol/L)−0.3970.000−0.3300.002−0.367
 White blood cell count (109/L)−0.1560.166
 Platelet count (109/L)−0.1320.241
 CRP (mg/L)−0.0910.427
 Serum creatinine (μmol/L)0.2690.0160.1000.414
 (mL/min/1.73 m2)
 Serum sodium (mmol/L)−0.2230.046−0.1360.202
 Serum potassium (mmol/L)0.2470.0270.0590.680
 Serum glucose (mmol/L)0.1120.330
 Serum phosphate (mmol/L)0.2510.123
 Serum urea (mmol/L)0.2540.0260.2190.508
 pH (kPa)0.2290.057
 Serum bicarbonate (mmol/L)0.3900.0010.4310.0000.457
 Arterial pCO2 (kPa)0.3920.000
 Arterial saturation (%)−0.2430.104
 Lactate (mmol/L)0.0560.651
  • pH and arterial pCO2 were excluded because of collinearity with bicarbonate levels. Significant (p<0.05) outcomes are presented in bold.

  • BMI, body mass index; CRP, C reactive protein; DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; EMV, Eye opening, best Motor response, best Verbal response; HbA1c, glycosylated hemoglobin; T1DM, type 1 diabetes mellitus.