Table 1

Characteristics of the population and new cancer cases (n=413)

Subjects remaining free of cancer (n=368)New cancer cases (n=45)P value
nMean or %SDnMean or %SD
Gender (% men)20656.03373.30.026
Age (years)61±965±90.019
Body mass index (kg/m2)32.4±6.01532.6±6.00.894
History of smoking (%)14940.42248.90.270
Duration of diabetes (years)14±1014±100.838
Diabetic retinopathy9926.91123.80.671
Diabetic kidney disease16043.52453.30.209
Foot ulcers4211.4817.20.357
Duration of follow-up (years)4.7±2.35.0±2.30.377
Skin autofluorescence (AU)2.62±0.612.84±0.710.028
  • P value=univariate logistic regression.

  • AU, arbitrary unit; HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin.