Table 3

Negative binomial regression model describing predictors for the frequency of low glucose events in the follow-up phase in all participants (n=135)

VariablesIncidence rate ratio95% CIP value
Group allocation (rtCGM group)0.4910.350 to 0.690<0.001
Baseline low glucose events1.0391.007 to 1.0720.016
Rescue threshold0.9820.971 to 0.9930.001
Variation of rescue threshold (intraindividual CV)0.7410.247 to 2.2270.594
Number of rescue carbohydrate intakes1.0630.957 to 1.1810.255
Variation of number of rescue carbohydrate intakes (intraindividual CV)0.8920.701 to 1.1340.350
Portion size rescue carbohydrates1.0000.991 to 1.0090.974
  • CV, coefficient of variation; rtCGM, real-time continuous glucose monitoring.