Table 3

Management activities by HbA1c status

NHANES variables<7.0
(n=264) (%)
(n=201) (%)
(N=465) (%)
P value
Physical activity0.23
 Some or recommended level27.2328.5627.81
 Exceeds recommended level33.2426.0630.13
Weight loss in the past year45.3241.8543.820.46
Self-monitoring of blood glucose, >1 × a day42.3250.1745.730.09
Low-salt/low-sodium diet or reducing salt/sodium74.4264.7470.210.02
Diabetic diet14.6928.4420.640.0003
Changed eating habits for weight13.1815.7814.300.43
Non-adherent: told to take medicine and is not now taking5.699.907.510.09
Diabetes education (<5 years) or dietitian/nutritionist52.4460.1655.780.10
Low-sugar diet or ate less candy for weight16.1920.0217.850.28
Low-carbohydrate diet or reducing carbohydrate for weight17.3215.4716.520.59
Low-calorie diet or lower calorie for weight21.5913.9318.280.03
Eating more fruits, vegetables, salads for weight21.0918.2519.860.45
Low-fat diet or less fat for weight20.1814.7617.830.13
Ate less food for weight41.4141.1041.270.95
Skipped meals for weight8.189.418.710.64
  • HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; NHANES, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.