Table 2

Antidiabetic treatment in patients aged >75 years with regular vs analog insulin (follow-up)

P value
Insulin treatment strategy, %
Rapid-acting insulin, %79.453.5<0.001
Non-insulin antidiabetic treatment, %
 Glucosidase inhibitors0.80.91.000
 DPP-4 inhibitor10.025.8<0.001
 GLP-1 agonist0.82.20.001
 SGLT-2 inhibitor0.63.6<0.001
  • CT: prandial and basal insulin combined (up to 3 injection time points); ICT: prandial and basal insulin combined (>3 injection time points).

  • Bold numbers indicate p-values <0.05.

  • BIA, basal insulin analog; BOT, basal insulin-supported oral therapy: basal insulin only; CT, conventional insulin therapy; DPP-4, dipeptidyl peptidase-4; GLP-1, glucagon-like peptide-1; HI, human insulin; ICT, intensified conventional insulin therapy; NPH, neutral protamine Hagedorn; SGLT-2, sodium/glucose cotransporter 2.