Table 3

Univariate predictors for all-cause mortality

HR95% CIP value
Age1.090(1.089 to 1.091)<0.0001
Male1.12(1.11 to 1.14)<0.0001
Complete blood count
 Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio1.033(1.032 to 1.034)<0.0001
 Baseline anemia3.50(3.45 to 3.55)<0.0001
Lipid profile
 HDL-C0.836(0.815 to 0.857)<0.0001
 LDL-C0.883(0.874 to 0.892)<0.0001
 Total cholesterol0.910(0.903 to 0.916)<0.0001
 Triglyceride0.963(0.957 to 0.970)<0.0001
 Renal diabetic complication3.68(3.54 to 3.83)<0.0001
 Ophthalmological diabetic complication2.73(2.62 to 2.84)<0.0001
 Peripheral vascular disease4.39(3.91 to 4.93)<0.0001
 Ischemic stroke2.85(2.78 to 2.93)<0.0001
 Sudden cardiac death2.48(2.40 to 2.56)<0.0001
 Atrial fibrillation3.54(3.45 to 3.64)<0.0001
 Heart failure4.74(4.64 to 4.85)<0.0001
 Intracranial hemorrhage2.70(2.59 to 2.82)<0.0001
 Ischemic heart disease2.24(2.20 to 2.28)<0.0001
 Osteoporosis2.87(2.34 to 3.52)<0.0001
 Dementia5.92(5.69 to 6.16)<0.0001
 Hypertension2.55(2.52 to 2.59)<0.0001
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease4.55(4.22 to 4.91)<0.0001
 Cancer2.48(2.42 to 2.54)<0.0001
 Mean1.00(0.997 to 1.01)0.527
 Absolute successive variability score1.008(1.007 to 1.008)<0.0001
 Percentage successive variability score1.01(1.009 to 1.01)<0.0001
 SD1.15(1.15 to 1.16)<0.0001
 Normalized absolute successive variability score1.065(1.06 to 1.07)<0.0001
 Normalized percentage successive variability score1.07(1.067 to 1.074)<0.0001
 SD/initial FBG1.01(1.009 to 1.01)<0.0001
 Coefficient of variation1.019(1.018 to 1.019)<0.0001
 Variability independent of mean1.011(1.01 to 1.011)<0.0001
 Mean1.07(1.06 to 1.07)<0.0001
 Absolute successive variability score1.01(1.007 to 1.01)<0.0001
 Percentage successive variability score1.008(1.08 to 1.009)<0.0001
 SD1.19(1.18 to 1.20)<0.0001
 Normalized absolute successive variability score1.055(1.05 to 1.06)<0.0001
 Normalized percentage successive variability score1.063(1.06 to 1.07)<0.0001
 SD/initial HbA1c1.014(1.01 to 1.014)<0.0001
 Coefficient of variation1.017(1.016 to 1.018)<0.0001
 Variability independent of mean1.011(1.01 to 1.012)<0.0001
  • FBG, fasting blood glucose; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol; LDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.