Table 2

Relative importance of wearable sensors for each of the 11 glucose variability models with high accuracy

Metric modeledSkin temperature importance (%)Electrodermal activity importance (%)Accelerometry importance (%)Heart rate importance (%)
Glucose Management Indicator18.533.418.129.8
Interday Mean Glucose19.332.118.130.3
Interday Median Glucose17.936.219.526.0
Interday Quartile 1 Glucose17.035.723.624.1
Interday Quartile 3 Glucose20.335.016.727.9
Mean of Glucose Excursions13.224.710.052.0
Mean of Intraday SD21.739.314.124.8
SD of Intraday SD14.
Time Inside Range ±1 SD24.912.226.2535.6
Mean of Normal Glucose17.724.920.826.3
Per cent Time Inside Range ±1 SD30.137.812.319.8