Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the study sample after 1:1 matching by sex, age, index year, and the annual number of medical consultations

VariableType 2 diabetes
(N=69 501)
No type 2 diabetes
(N=69 501)
P value
Age (in years)
 Mean age (SD)62.5 (13.4)62.5 (13.4)1.000
 Age 18–5018.518.51.000
 Age 51–6024.124.1
 Age 61–7027.027.0
 Age 71–8022.422.4
 Age >808.08.0
 Mean annual number of medical consultations (SD)3.6 (4.4)3.6 (4.4)1.000
Comorbidities diagnosed prior to or on the index date
 Lipid metabolism disorders29.431.3<0.001
 Chronic coronary heart disease12.212.60.061
 Peripheral vascular disease5.63.3<0.001
 History of myocardial infarction4.13.4<0.001
 History of stroke or transient ischemic attack3.64.4<0.001
  • Data are percentages unless otherwise specified.

  • Index year is not shown in the table.