Table 3

Predictors for model 1 (all recurrent foot ulcers) and model 2 (all recurrent plantar foot ulcers)

PredictorCoefficient95% CI
Model 1
 Intercept0.284−0.163 to 2.20
 Age−0.0299−0.0541 to −0.00570
 Severity of peripheral sensory neuropathy1.570.327 to 2.82
 Months since healing of previous ulcer−0.0486−0.0757 to −0.0215
 Minor lesions0.7040.170 to 1.24
 Walking aid0.8000.225 to 1.37
 At-home foot temperature monitoring−0.503−1.01 to 0.000222
Model 2
 Intercept−0.129−2.07 to 1.81
 Age−0.0313−0.0608 to −0.00191
 Plantar location of previous ulcer0.9210.313 to 1.53
 Months since healing of previous ulcer−0.0379−0.0721 to −0.00370
 Minor lesions0.7770.140 to 1.41
 Walking aid0.8280.179 to 1.48
 Alcohol consumption0.9660.274 to 1.66
 Care center
  University medical centerReference
  Community hospital−0.564−1.23 to 0104
  Podiatry practice−0.917−1.74 to −0.0941