Table 3

Multistate model transition matrix according to patients’ risk

Transition ‘states’HR (95% CI)*P value
Transition 1: from baseline to WKF1.37 (1.21 to 1.56)<0.001
Transition 2: from baseline to CVD/HHF4.76 (3.63 to 6.23)<0.001
Transition 2: from WKF to CVD/HHF6.20 (2.71 to 14.8)<0.001
  • WKF defined as >40% estimated glomerular filtration rate drop from baseline.

  • *HR comparing a medium-risk/high-risk patient with a low-risk patient. A low-risk patient is a patient with up to 3 risk points. A patient with more than 3 risk points is a medium-risk/high-risk patient (see also online supplemental table 1).

  • CVD, cardiovascular death; HHF, hospitalization for heart failure; WKF, worsening kidney function.