Table 1

Reclassified single ZnT8A positives from the UNITED study (n=8)

Patient numberAge of diagnosis
Diabetes duration
Current treatment†Adjusted BMI†HbA1c (mmol/mol)(%)†UCPCR
Duration at UCPCR
ZnT8A titer
Duration at ZnT8A
110–153.8Insulin28.348 (6.5)0.793.856.64.2
210–1514.8Insulin24.548 (6.5)0.2914.854.115.1
315–200.2Insulin46.7107 (11.9)
415–205.9Insulin21.086 (10)0.215.935.96.0
525–301.0Tablet47.553 (7)32.71.0
620–251.2Insulin22.043 (6.1)0.983.026.63.1
725–300.9Tablet40 (5.8)24.91.0
825–300.2Tablet32.5115 (12.7)17.20.0
  • Inclusion criteria were now negative for ZnT8A with new 99th centile cut-off and negative for glutamate decarboxylase and islet antigen-2 autoantibodies.

  • – indicates missing data.

  • For UCPCR, a result ≥0.6 indicates substantial endogenous insulin secretion.

  • ZnT8A titer: level of units of ZnT8A present in the serum.

  • *For reasons of patient anonymity.

  • †At latest follow-up.

  • BMI, body mass index; HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; UCPCR, urinary C peptide to creatinine ratio; UNITED, Using pharmacogeNetics to Improve Treatment in Early-onset Diabetes; ZnT8A, zinc transporter 8 autoantibodies.