Table 2

Impact of hypoglycemia on QoL domains: themes, number of references (N), described impacts, and areas of functioning affected

Relationships and social life141XXXX
Disrupted quality time117Interrupted/cancelled activities, irritability/conflict, worry about burdening others, fatigue, unable to interact with others
Reduced ability to parent27Unable to fulfil roles and responsibilites, unable to take care of children
Fears and compensatory strategies25Lack spontaneity, less active participation, maintain higher glucose levels
Work and studies148XXXX
Reduced productivity or performance105Fatigue, poor concentration, interrupted/stopped tasks, fear negative evaluation from colleagues, late arrival/sick leave
Fears and compensatory strategies43Fear of hypoglycemia, maintain higher glucose levels, check glucose levels frequently
Limited employment prospects10Difficult to get/keep job, work part-time for less pressure, unable to pursue certain job prospects
Leisure and physical activity122XXXX
Fears and limited spontaneity71Limited/ceased participation, lack spontaneity, fear of hypoglycemia, maintain higher glucose levels, check glucose levels repeatedly
Interrupted, discontinued, or cancelled activities61Breaks taken, activities cut short/cancelled, reduced performance, fatigue, concentration difficulties
Everyday life89XXXX
Limited driving freedom47Fear of hypoglycemia, maintain higher glucose levels, check glucose levels frequently, unable to drive/delayed in starting trip
Day-to-day burdens30Carry treatments/equipment, interrupted/discontinued household duties, financial burden of treatments
Limited dietary freedom12Food choices dictated by glucose levels, unable to enjoy foods associated with hypoglycemia
Fears and compensatory strategies28Fear hypoglycemic coma/not waking up, maintain higher glucose levels, set alarms to check glucose levels overnight
Disrupted sleep24Multiple interruptions, delayed sleep onset, unable to return to sleep, nightmares, rebound hyperglycemia
Next-day fatigue16Exhaustion, bad moods, and impaired functioning
Sex life24XXX
Postponed, interrupted, or discontinued sexual activity23Interrupted/discontinued sex, limited ability to enjoy sex, worry about disappointing partner
Reduced spontaneity4Fear of/preoccupation with hypoglycemia during sex
Physical health14XX
Other aspects of health negatively affected14Weight gain/unable to lose weight, comorbidities exacerbated, pregnancy complications
Mental health35XXX
Emotional difficulties11Negative emotional states, ashamed/angry with self for recurrences, disordered eating behaviors exacerbated
Persistent stress24Fear of/preoccupation with the risk of hypoglycemia, less carefree
  • Extracts may be coded to more than one subtheme, thus N for themes may exceed the sum of subtheme N. Emotional impacts=effects on mood. Behavioral impacts=effects on actions or conduct. Cognitive impacts=effects on thinking or decision-making. Social impacts=effects on interactions with others.

  • QoL, quality of life.