Table 1

QoL domains important to overall QoL among adults with type 1 diabetes

QoL domainNumber of references*Description
Relationships and social life233Relationships with spouses/partners, children, other family members, and friends
Work and studies176Work, school/university, and other vocational activities
Leisure and physical activity175Sports, exercise, travel/vacation, and other hobbies
Everyday life137Driving, eating, household duties, and other functional activities
Sleep80Bedtime routine, sleep, and next-day functioning
Sex life34Sexual activity and intimacy
Physical health24Specific aspects of health (eg, pregnancy)
Mental health10Mood fluctuations and emotional difficulties
  • *Domains may have been nominated multiple times across the ‘Wheel of Life’ by a single participant (eg, ‘work meetings’, ‘working life’, and ‘talks with colleagues’), hence the number of references for a QoL domain may exceed the total number of participants.

  • QoL, quality of life.