Table 1

Characteristics of study population and statistical analyses for the complete 2019 database (n=94) and follow-up screening grade comparisons (n=71)

Variable (n=94)Valuevs worst-eye retinopathy (P)vs worst-eye maculopathy (P)
Mean age (range)56.97 (29–87)0.400.51
Gender, n (%)Female18 (19.1)0.640.42
Male76 (80.9)
Mean duration of chronic pancreatitis, years (IQR)13.56 (8)0.001<0.001
Mean duration of diabetes, years (IQR)10.29 (7)0.0010.030
Mean most recent HbA1c %/mmol/mol (SD)8.9/74.33 (4.1/20.90)0.940.30
Mean BMI, kg/m2 (SD)25.30 (5.99)0.550.22
Mean weight, kg (range)74.90 (33–120)0.820.24
Mean ACR (IQR)13.37 (9)0.830.53
Etiology of patients with pancreatitis (%)Alcohol70 (74.5)0.760.64
Gallstones8 (8.5)
High cholesterol1 (1.1)
Unclear11 (11.7)
Portal vein thrombosis1 (1.1)
CF gene carrier1 (1.1)
Medication induced1 (1.1)
No of screening DNAs (%)039 (42)0.090.13
1–223 (24)
3–420 (21)
5–812 (13)
Worst-eye retinopathy/maculopathy grade no of patients (%)R Visit 1R Visit 2M Visit 1M Visit 2
R0/M039 (76)54 (63)46 (90)76 (88)
R1/M19 (18)26 (30)5 (10)10 (12)
R22 (4)2 (2)
R31 (2)4 (5)
Change in retinopathy/maculopathy scores between visits compared with various parameters. RE=right eye, LE=left eye, RP=retinopathy progression, MP=maculopathy progression
Follow-up (n=71)vs RE RPvs LE RPvs RE MPvs LE MP
BMI (kg/m2)0.540.270.720.32
Weight (kg)0.730.950.290.24
Most recent HbA1c0.210.760.870.88
Etiology of pancreatitis0.710.321.001.00
Duration of chronic pancreatitis (years)0.080.500.180.57
Duration of diabetes (years)0.350.350.070.24
  • ACR, albumin-creatinine ratio; BMI, body mass index.