Table 1

Demographic characteristics of the sample

Type 2 diabetes mellitus onlyType 2 diabetes mellitus with severe mental illness
Total54 4982272
Age (years), mean (SD)*63146013F=110.29, p<0.001
 Female24 91646114650Pearson’s χ2=19.58, p<0.001
 Male29 58254112650
 White British12 3632357825Pearson’s χ2=184.08, p<0.001
 Black African74401432614
 Black Caribbean67101245520
 Bangladeshi16 1053056925
Townsend deprivation score
 Least deprived, Q111 5972130613Pearson’s χ2=88.57, p<0.001
 Q211 6902148121
 Q310 6161950022
 Q410 5951950122
 Most deprived, Q510 0001848421
 Never54 457100195886Pearson’s χ2=6631.11, p<0.001
 At least once41031414
Antidiabetes medications
 Diet controlled70841326912Pearson’s χ2=15.84, p<0.001
 Oral/non-insulin injectable38 52971156369
Prescribed antipsychotics
 None53 2459860827Pearson’s χ2=2.25, p<0.001
Total consultations over the study period, mean (SD)8.918.714.527.1F=186.59, p<0.001
Number of HbA1c assessments over the study period, mean (SD), p<0.001
  • *On date of extraction (January 2018).

  • †From mental health QOF indicators.

  • HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin; Q, quintile; QOF, Quality and Outcomes Framework.