Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

CharacteristicsPooledGreenland Population Study 2018Qasigiannguit 2020
N (%)47210032669.114630.9
Females (%)29161.720362.38860.3
Age (years)47253.9 (13.1)32656.4 (11.8)14648.3 (14.1)
Pre-diabetes (%)22647.921666.3106.8
Distribution of diagnostic tests
 IGT (%)51NA5115.6NANA
 IFG (%)74NA7422.7NANA
 HbA1c (%)18639.417654106.8
Normoglycemic state (%)18839.811033.77853.4
BMI32328.2 (5.6)32328.2 (5.6)NANA
Physical activity energy expenditure (kJ/kg/day)29036.8 (13.1–70.6)29036.8 (13.1–70.6)NANA
Smoking status325325NA
 Current (%)17754.5*17754.5*NANA
 Former (%)11134.2*11134.2*NANA
 Never (%)3711.3*3711.3*NANA
Alcohol intake (unit/week)1951.0 (0.3–3.8)1951 (0.3–3.8)NA
 Heavy episodic drinking (%)6030.8*6030.8*NANA
 Possible alcohol problem (%)7337.4*7337.4*NANA
 HbA1c (mmol/mol)41441 (38–43)32642 (39–43)8837.8 (3.2)
 HbA1c (%)4145.9 (5.6–6.1)3266.0 (5.7–6.1)885.6 (0.6)
  • Data are given in means (SD), medians (IQR) or proportions %.

  • Heavy episodic drinking refers to an intake of five or more units at least once a month; possible alcohol problem: estimated from the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test score.

  • *Proportion of the total number of respondents of smoking status (N=325) and alcohol consumption (N=195).

  • BMI, body mass index; HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin; IFG, impaired fasting glucose; IGT, impaired glucose tolerance.