Table 1

Mean±SD and range of the characteristics of subjects who participated in the study, and mean±SD and range of the main treatment parameters, insulin dose, amount of carbohydrates, and beer volume given at each type of the study

Sex (male/female)7/5
Diabetes duration (years)16.8±11.52–38
BMI (kg/m2)26.7±3.523.5–32.4
Weight (kg)79.2±13.861.5–109.8
Basal insulin dose (U/day)25.5±11.39–44
Prandial insulin dose (U/day)21.8±10.410–40
Insulin to carbohydrate ratio (U/10 g)1.0±0.50.3–2.2
Sensitivity factor (mg/dL/U)46.3±21.023–72
Prandial insulin (U)LPLF-W study10.6±5.33–24
HPHF-W study10.6±5.33–24
HPHF-A study10.6±5.33–24
Carbohydrate content (g)LPLF-W study104±697–117
HPHF-W study105±697–118
HPHF-A study94±489–103
Beer volume (mL)LPLF-W study801±139622–1093
HPHF-W study803±141622–1095
HPHF-A study803±139619–1095
  • BMI, body mass index; HPHF-A, high protein, high fat meal, with alcohol; HPHF-W, high protein, high fat meal, without alcohol; LPLF-W, low protein, low fat meal, without alcohol.